Hospitality Systems

Aloha Add Ons Opennet Custom Reports

  • “Opennet Custom Reporting Module” for consolidated custom reports.
  • Reports can also be viewed, printed and exported for “today’s” data.
  • Reports are written with “Crystal Reports”
  • Opennet Custom Reports comes standard with more than 30 different “Crystal Reports” and more to come.
  • Graphical comparison charts are available for Sales, Complementary, Promotions, Voids, Taxes, Guests and Checks compared to last year data for: Day, Week, Month and Year

  • Comparison reports can compare Days, Dates and Specific Date Range against last year’s data.
  • Historical reports compares day, this year “month to date” against last year “month to date” and this year “year to date” against last year “year to date” and variances
  • Charts and reports can be viewed, printed and exported through the same graphical interface
  • Custom “House Account” reports

Opennet Custom Report Brochure Download

Opennet Email Alert

  • Restaurant sales information on your mobile.
  • Opennet Email Alert is a program fully integrated with Aloha POS.
  • Sending Email messages to multiple mobile phones.
  • Sales, # Checks, # Guests, Comps, Promos, Voids, Taxes
  • Product Mix Reports
  • Labor Reports
  • Programmable daily schedule for Email messages
  • Automatic End Of Day Email Reports.
  • Data is generated according to daily schedule providing “up to date sales information”
Opennet Email Alert Brochure Download

Order Confirmation Display

Provides customers with line-by-line detail of their entire order, speeding the service process by allowing them to see and correct errors before the order is prepared.

With advanced graphics capabilities,the display can be used as an advertising platform to show specials, promotions, and up-sells at the point-of-sale.

Opennet OCD Brochure Download

Opennet Table Reservations

  • Centralized Reservations for Multiple Areas
  • Multiple Users
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Improved Customer Service and Recognition
  • Increased Return Customers
  • Different access levels, Manager, User and View access restricted by area
  • Quick search by phone number
  • Direct monthly overview seats and tables on reservation screen
  • Reservation list printed and sorted by time, customer or phone number
  • Unlimited reservations in advance
  • No extra license for extra users
  • Handles cancellations, no-shows, deposit and provisional bookings
  • Customer specifics and reservation remarks
  • Cancellation, no-show and customer history reports integrated within Aloha
  • Easy to use
Opennet Reservations Brochure Download

Fingerprint Scanner

For Employee Clock in / Clock out.

Aloha Spy

Aloha Spy is the perfect marriage of POS and video security technology, Aloha Spy enables operators to visually audit POS transactions in real time while creating an archived history for future playback.

Aloha E-Messenger

Have your Aloha reports automatically mailed to your Email account.

Scale for quantity priced items

Scales work in conjunction with Aloha’s Quantity Item Pricing feature and enable the Front-of-House (FOH) to sell items using a weighing scale

Barcode Scanners for retail items

Aloha POS software uses barcode scanners to scan retail items.

From POS to PMS we provide the missing link

Integrate your hotel, country club or resort restaurant operations with your property management system.

In a hotel environment, customer service is the backbone of a successful establishment. With Aloha PMS Interface, guests can easily charge orders to their room account whether they are in the bar, restaurant, or in their room.