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Aloha Inventory Do you know where your inventory is

Inventory provides you with substantial benefits you'll see every day. Order smarter with the "Sales Wizard" by creating production requirements for prepared items, generating reorder reports based on sales, and optionally allowing the system to select the best-priced supplier. Having unlimited variable units of measure and conversion allows you to buy, count, store, and use items in multiple quantities without recalculating conversion factors — a real time saver.

User-definable count frequencies let you count items the way you want to, the way your business requires — whether it's daily, weekly, or on demand. And finally, an audit trail of sales and editing transactions ensures accuracy and security for your books, and peace of mind for you.

NCR Aloha Inventory Control Features

  • "Sales Wizard" for product forecasting, reporting, and purchase order creation
  • Vendor price history and product quotes for competitive analysis
  • Up to 99 stored periods of transaction history
  • Automatic conversion between units of measure for purchase, count, and usage
  • Multiple costing methods (FIFO, standard, and average)
  • Tracking of multiple vendors and stocking locations per item
  • Accurate update of general ledger
  • Audit trail of sales and inventory edits

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