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Aloha Kitchen Experience improved food production and more accurate ticket times with the new Aloha Kitchen video software.

At the core of guest satisfaction is the arrival of the food order in a timely matter at the appropriate temperature. The Aloha Kitchen technology adds value by maximizing guest satisfaction, reducing labor costs, and decreases kitchen errors and wasted food. Aloha’s kitchen production technology promotes efficiency for table service and quick service kitchen environments, allowing your kitchen staff to focus on preparing the best food products for your guests.

Your staff will benefit from using bright touch screen graphic displays (as an option), flexible reporting capabilities and effective quote time calculators to provide better estimates of food prep time. Components of this process include better item organization and controlled timing functionality. Aloha Kitchen is designed to fully integrate with other Aloha Enterprise applications, including Aloha TakeOut, Aloha Guest Manager and Aloha Configuration Center, which manages full configuration needs and running reports.

  • Expedite Food-to-Guest Service Times

    Coordinate appropriate timing of food delivery to guests. Facilitate customer turnover by shaving critical minutes in service process. Improved time management of preparation and delivery of appetizer, entrée and dessert to maximize customer experience.

  • Ensure the Highest Level of Food Quality

    Aloha Kitchen helps ensure dishes are delivered promptly as ready to ensure the best guest experience in freshness and appropriate temperature. The system promotes accuracy in order preparation to decrease kitchen errors, impacting annual food prep costs significantly.

  • Raise Your Productivity Level

    Staffing management becomes easier as technology enables your managers to accurately determine the number of on-shift employees required at point in the serving period. User friendly cook-timing technology facilitates the order of production of each order. Better forecasting of food prep timing reduces staffing needs at delivery points. System provides the ability to customize visible food items on-screen as related to current staff level.

  • Improve Your Guest's Experience

    Aloha Kitchen ensures order accuracy to improve customer satisfaction, reduce returns and help provide better server rewards. The technology clearly displays guest modifications of order so that the food preparer can meet customer’s specific requests.

  • Facilitate Management and Analysis

    Stay in touch with your staff’s successes through kitchen operation reports that offer a quick analysis of item details, speed of service rates and order information. The ability to view lead ticket times enables management to analyze production time and better manage service speed. Review of kitchen production details in order to determine stations needing improvement is enhanced with real-time analysis.

  • Enhance Your Operation's Profitability

    Improve product quality and service response. Effectively manage labor and reduce waste.

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