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Opennet Stock Count

Some restaurants have found that they just don't need all the gadgets that go along with a full-blown inventory system. They want a simple solution that gets the job done.

With Opennet Stock Count (exclusively for the Aloha POS System), you get the simple inventory functions you need, wether you need to keep track of items on a daily basis or just need a simple way to count your stock.

Opennet Stock Count also comes equiped with a full-featured reporting package, giving you the flexibility to view and analyze real-time statistics.

Opennet's Stock Count composite tracking feature provides you with the tools necessary for tracking ingredients by menu item, allowing you to account for the not so obvious, not to mention the inconspicuous.

Whether you need the flexibility to stay on top of what's selling or simply to know what has to be ordered, Opennet Stock Count is the solution.

  • Discourages and reduces theft
  • Keeps track of your stock
  • Fully integrated with the Aloha POS software
  • Items are automatically imported into the Stock Count software
  • Minimum and Order quantities for your “shopping list” report
  • True stock count report at any given moment
  • Allow manual adjustment to stock count totals
  • Automatically updated daily with Aloha sales files
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