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NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard


Restaurant Guard


NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard helps restaurant owners and operators put a stop to theft, which depletes profits and harms the customer experience. This powerful back-office solution provides managers with all the tools and insights they need to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls.

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Aloha Restaurant Guard Brochure [300 KB]

NCR Aloha Loyalty




Repeat customers are more valuable and easier to attract than new ones. Many successful operators are turning to electronic frequency and loyalty programs to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase store traffic. The Aloha Loyalty solution enables your organization to quickly design, rollout and manage effective loyalty programs to engage your customers.

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Aloha Loyalty Brochure [390 KB]

NCR Pulse Real Time


Pulse Real Time


Pulse Real-Time embraces the idea of delivering actionable information in real time to a user’s smartphone. Operators experience the nirvana of knowing exactly what is going on in the business, regardless of where they are.

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Pulse Real Time Brochure [1.2 MB]

NCR Aloha Stored Value


Aloha Stored Value


NCR Aloha Stored Value helps restaurateurs get close to their customers by deploying gift card programs. This industry-leading gift card distribution and management system enables managers to strengthen customer relationships, create new revenue streams and drive repeat business.

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Aloha Stored Value Brochure [550 KB]

NCR Aloha Insight


Aloha Insight


Aloha Insight is a web-based application that collects sales and employee data at the restaurant and makes it available via the Intranet and through distributed reports. This powerful tool provides critical capabilities to your business such as drilldown viewer options for fast, high-level to granular examination of data, real-time reporting and data replication for local data warehousing and exports to accounting, payroll and HR systems.

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Aloha Insight Brochure [750 KB]

NCR Aloha Command Center


Command Center


Aloha command Center is a centralized database management application that manages Aloha POS configuration settings for multi-store restaurant organizations. It offers remote distribution and access capabilities through an easy-to-use .NET rich-client interface.


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Aloha Command Center Brochure [370 KB]

NCR Aloha Online Ordering


Online Ordering


Add online ordering to increase customer traffic and restaurant sales using existing labor. NCR Aloha Online Ordering helps drives incremental sales to your business by making it easy and convenient for your customers to do business with you.

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Aloha Online Ordering Brochure [430 KB]



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