Hospitality Systems


24/7/365 Support Helpdesk

We Service What We Sell! Because your business doesn't stop at 6 o'clock, neither does Opennet Hospitality Systems. We are here to support you round-the-clock, 24 x 7 x 365 with Aloha-trained experts to ensure you are getting maximum uptime from your Aloha system.

On Site Repair

Opennet Hospitality Systems realizes that system maintenance is vital to running an efficient, profitable business. We provide a variety of service plans to address your spectrum of needs. We also dispatch technicians to address the hardware issues of our user family. You can count on us to have your POS running when you need it.


In addition to the initial training that is included with every new system, we insure trainings on new features, or enhancements included in future releases of Aloha either on site or at our offices.

Furthermore, Opennet Hospitality Systems provides seminars, either on site or at our local offices.